Stepping out of the situation

It can become very easy to be caught up in a situation, whether that be a relationship, a recreational experience, exercise, music, etc. Most people will tell you to live for the moment, grasping life with all four limbs, carpe diem – you know the rest. This is because, for the most part, the world has turned into a daunting and confusing place to be. We crave positivity in every aspect of life, so that we don’t feel we’re wasting what little time we may have. It can be unheard of to be told to “step away from the situation” and look at something with fresh eyes. Because that’s hard, right? If you’re in a hot and sticky moment with someone you’ve just met, do you just jump straight into it, because f**k it – yolo? Or do we still have brains left that are capable of moral or sensible judgement?

Maybe it’s the mundane or routine that has us stuck in our ways, with an inability to crawl out of the well and inspect the space we’ve made ourselves comfortable in. Or, if we’re uncomfortable, perhaps we think we’re deserving of this. There can be many reasons us human beings decide not to reflect on the people we have become. Sometimes it is simply that we are striving to be the best we can be, without realising you are simply you under all of the pressure to be prettier, more intelligent, fitter, and happier. Despite attempts at becoming better humans, we ignore the person who is there fighting, with a more positive image of ourselves projected in our minds. Is that living in the present?

Life can be hectic and stressful, and the inability to reflect on every single situation is understandable. Reflection is a valuable tool if we are to become the best versions of ourselves, though. Find some time for this. If you can find time to go to the gym daily, shower daily, commute daily, lay in bed post-sleep every night scrolling through social media, you have time for reflection. Some may call it day dreaming – I call it strategic improvement. Think of that disagreement you had with someone, without feeling angst or sadness over it – instead wonder how it happened, the baby steps that led up to it and how it may be prevented in future to save your relationship. Sorrys are all well and good, but that’s not a guarantee it won’t happen again. Think to the time you binged on fast food instead of sticking to your clean-eating. Rather than excusing it as a temporary lapse, or feeling guilty and doing 50 extra crunches, take yourself out of your current mind set and reflect – are you really that bad a person for giving in to temptation? Is there a real need to be conscious of others judging you for it? No and no, to both of those. Could you prevent this from happening in the future?

The variety of situations you may find yourself in, day to day, will be so diverse, no matter how much of a repetitive life you may think you lead. To find some tranquillity, big or small, take some time to reflect. A situation you’re in, or have been in, won’t necessarily seem so horrifying in the future. Rather than stressing, take some time to really live in the moment, by taking yourself out of the situation.



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