Gratitude Tool

Some of us may have been there: disgusted at what looks back at us in the mirror, looking down and hating the lumps and bumps in various places that never seem to disappear, no matter how many crunches or squats you do, wishing for a different career, wishing for a real career, wishing your dream would come to you, hating yourself for the way you eat, wishing you could go out, but feeling a pull from the centre of your house attached to your brain, which tells you you’re better-off at home.

You’re not the only one.
Every human functions differently, but every single one of us has had doubts and niggling worries – they may seem huge to some of us and they probably are. Ever heard the saying, “You are your own worst enemy?”

Think about it.

The more you focus on, and aim negativity towards, your physical appearance, the less inclined you will be to make positive changes. Is it not true that when you look good, you feel good? Yes and no – good can radiate from the inside and glow on the outside. I’m not telling you to fake it by slapping on foundation (hey – women AND men!) and faking happiness (although if that makes you feel better, by all means). What I’m saying is probably what you’ve heard hundreds of times before, but it never made sense to me until I began embracing it.

Forget everything for a hot minute and think about why you’re on this planet.

A lot of people, myself included, do not have a definitive answer to that question. Yes, the species needs to be reproduced a zillion times over, yes, we need to preserve the planet at the same time, yes, we need to feel a sense of success and love and beauty, yada yada yada. But instead of feeling overwhelmed at something that isn’t in our direct hands, why not just embrace. Embrace the good and the bad, the smiles and the tears, the fat and the thin, the sweet and the bitter. We are a species capable of happiness and love, surely that is something to feel gratitude towards in itself? No?

Your “fat” may be disgusting to you, but there are people that can’t gain it. Your “thin” may be atrocious in your eyes, but some people would love it. Your stretch marks may be ugly to you, but some women would love to just conceive. Your crappy career or lack thereof may be getting you down, but some would love to have the time off. Your dreams may seem annoying and far-fetched, but some aren’t given the rights to dream. This is real gratitude. Chances are, the ability and affordance you have been given, just to read this blog, means you’re a lot better-off than millions.

Breathe in the good air, marvel in the green grass, really listen to the birds at dusk.

Next time you look in the mirror and feel disgusted, be grateful you have eyes.

What are you grateful for?


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